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computer virusesHow to get rid of computer viruses

Computer viruses are dangerous indeed! Fortunately, there are several tips that can be applied to get rid of these nasty threats for good.


malwareHow to keep your Android phone free from malware

Android is an open OS that's got a great flexibility. However, cyber criminals use its flexibility to create dangerous malware. Discover the top tips that will help you keep any Android-based phone clean.


speed up pcHow to speed up your computer

If you've got an old computer, the mere thought of upgrading its operating system may send a shiver down your spine. There are several things that you can do to help your old digital pal regain its speed, though.


wireless networkSetting up a wireless network

Want to set up your own Wi-Fi network? Read this article and you'll discover that the entire process is Kid's Play!


freewareWorking with free software

Lots of people have built free applications. Some of them may include some nasty surprises, though. Find out how to avoid them.